Cramer’s advice for investors who weathered the stock market sell-off


The three-day sell-off that started last Thursday came and went, and Jim Cramer had some post-pullback advice to share with investors who made it through the pain.

“You’ve now been, once again, put through the mill that causes so many people to bail from good stocks. I’ve gottwo pieces of advice,” the “Mad Money” host said. “First, if those last three days made you feel like you’ve just been through an industrial-strength Whirlpool washing machine, now that we’ve rallied, sell. Start selling tomorrow. Raise some cash if you want to.”

Selling into strength will give investors security in the form of cash ahead of whatever might cause the next market-wide pullback, whether it be congressional gridlock or the threat of North Korea, Cramer said.

His second piece of advice came in a list of stocks for the more bullish investors out there who may have missed the market’s three-day “sale.”

“I have 10 stocks that either got hammered or should’ve been up much more but weren’t because of the turmoil we just went through,” Cramer said. “These are battle-tested. They just reported. You can’t beat that.”

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