Invest in cash to hedge against future market corrections


Akbar said they are looking for pockets of value within equity markets, so are rotating out of sectors such as technology and into areas which have underperformed, as the current environment of global growth will provide these areas with support. They are considering areas such as energy and basic materials.

Newsome also suggested some sectors which investors could consider, such as retail.

“If you start looking for the really oversold ideas or the things that markets have fallen out of love with you can see some value. Retail and things like that, the market really viscerally hates them at the moment and I’m beginning to think it may be worthwhile starting to look in this area,” he said.

Sweeney suggested diversifying away from equities into alternative income ideas, such as environmental assets, aircraft leasing and catastrophe bonds.

“These underlying investments have little to no link to equity markets and behave very differently so if we see equity markets sell off it is unlikely we will see the likes of catastrophe bonds, which are weather related, being effected,” he said.

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