How brand names can help you find long term winners


Suitability may be all-important in investing, but the concept can be lost on children, who probably have little to no interest in what stocks are or how to invest, CNBC’s Jim Cramer said.

“Let’s be honest. You couldn’t explain to a kid what a stock is to save his or her life,” the “Mad Money” host said.

Cramer grew up differently. His dad taught him about stocks, giving Cramer the business section of the Philadelphia Bulletin each day so he could look at stocks’ closing prices.

“I liked the stock picking process so much I got the whole fifth grade class at Penn Manor involved. We would all pick stocks and keep track of the closing prices for a week to see who could make the most money,” the “Mad Money” host said.

But there are ways to learn about stocks even for kids who play with toys, Cramer said. While they may not know what it means to own shares of companies, they know they love their Hasbro Star Wars Lightsabers or their Mattel Barbie dolls.

“I bet you they’d pick Hasbro over Mattel,” Cramer added.

Kids also know Disney theme parks, McDonald’s Happy Meals, and General Mills’ Cheerios. The rougher tykes may even be familiar with Johnson & Johnson’s Band-Aids.

“If you want to get your kids into investing, buy a brand name,” Cramer said. “Something they can see and hear and tough and even like. Yeah, just own it. The stock won’t always work. But think of what you liked when you were little, and remember that you may have a long term winner on your hands.”

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