7 home hacks that could spare you an expensive insurance claim

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Consumers who do this: 14%

“We think [a leak sensor] is one of the simplest and low-cost means people can employ to make sure they don’t have a significant water loss,” Gee said.

It’s not a minor risk: 1 in 50 homes has a property damage claim related to water damage or freezing each year, making it the second-most-common claim, according to Insurance Information Institute calculations. Small leaks can also pad your utility bills.

Placed near a potential trouble spot (say, behind the dishwasher, under the sink or next to the basement sump pump), basic sensors sound the alarm when they detect water. Smart versions are capable of sending alerts to your cellphone, and in some networked systems, pre-emptively shutting off the home’s water, Gee said.

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