A.I. is about to make the hassle of air travel a thing of the past


Artificial intelligence appears set to revolutionize the air travel experience for passengers — and that could happen in just a matter of years, according to industry experts.

Airports around the world already employ advanced technology such as biometrics, which authenticates travelers’ identities based on physical attributes like fingerprints. But the next decade or so could herald a new era for air travel, experts say.

For one, security clearances as we know them could become a thing of the past. Travelers will no longer need to produce any identifying documents at airports, Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports, told CNBC.

“Most of the touch points that we currently loathe about airports today — the security and immigration — will disappear. And technology will enable all of those checks to be done in the background,” said Griffiths.

Those sophisticated verification systems will improve security while simultaneously reducing the intrusiveness of clearance procedures, the CEO said.

Although the technology may sound futuristic, Griffiths said he was “absolutely” sure such an experience could be achieved in the next 10 to 20 years as all the devices that will enable it to function as a whole process already exists.

The key lies in integrating current features — which include facial recognition, retinal scanning, and fingerprint ID — into a workable system, Griffiths explained.

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