Lack of experience can be key to success


By contrast, a “naive mind” can achieve what an experienced professional never will, Ghinsberg, who is in his late 50s, said.

“A professional knows what’s impossible. If you know it’s impossible, it is impossible. But if you don’t know it’s impossible, suddenly it is possible,” he said.

“That clean mind, that naivety, is a huge virtue.”

Ghinsberg’s willingness to enter the unknown is what has spurred him to explore remote territories.

His story later spurred a biographical survival movie, in which he was played by British actor Daniel Radcliffe.

But he has also tried his hand at multiple jobs, among them motivational speaking, writing, humanitarian work and, most recently, app development.

Ghinsberg was in his early 50s when he embarked on his technology career, launching social media aggregation apps Headbox and Blinq in 2013 and 2015, respectively.

Entering a new industry at that stage, when everyone else including his co-founder, was half his age, was proof to him that experience is not everything, he said.

“It’s not about knowledge, it’s about learning, it’s about assimilating, it’s about letting go,” Ghinsberg said.

“That was my biggest challenge because I was the founder and the CEO and I had young people following me. I needed to show them that I can learn fast, I can assimilate, I can let go,” he said.

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