Financial literacy quiz tests your money smarts against teens

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Do you have more financial smarts than the typical teenager? Don’t be so sure.

Finding out is as simple as taking a basic 30-question financial literacy quiz designed by the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) in honor of Financial Literacy Month in April. The test evaluates young adults’ ability to earn, save and grow their finances.

Quiz-takers can see how their knowledge stacks up against the more than 24,600 people — including some 16,200 teens age 15 to 18 — who have taken the test since 2012.

If your score was higher than 61 percent, then you’re financially smarter than the average high school student who took the test. At least 65 percent? You surpassed the average score of all test takers.

But you still failed.

The NFEC sets the bar for a passing grade at more 70 percent.

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