How to quit your job

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Don’t leave your boss and co-workers in the lurch, Sutton said.

Try to figure out a way to at least complete your current assignments. You might even want to train your replacement, Sutton said. If you do, consider checking in with the person who takes over for you every few weeks to make sure all is going smoothly.

How much notice to give is a personal question, said Philip Pizzo, founding director of the Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute. When he decided to leave his senior leadership role at an institution, he gave two years’ notice. “I wanted the institution to have enough time to recruit my successor in a thoughtful and meaningful way,” Pizzo said. Although that might be extreme for most, he said to consider going beyond the boilerplate two weeks.

“Most people will give anywhere from a couple of months to a year,” he said.

Still, be financially prepared for your employer to reject your offer.

“You may suddenly find yourself out the door in a much shorter time than anticipated,” Pizzo said.

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