GE is still a wait-and-see story


General Electric: “I think that GE is still a wait-and-see story, but it does seem to have bottomed. But it’s a wait-and-see story.”

Gilead Sciences: “It’s real low. It’s real cheap. It’s got some decent drugs in the pipeline. I wouldn’t sell it here, but I do not have any reason to recommend the stock.”

Encore Capital Group: “Defaulted loans, buying defaulted loans. Very, very hard. Hard business. You’d have to do a huge amount of work before you convince me that I should buy that one. Don’t buy.”

Tower Semiconductor: “It’s a foundry company, and foundry companies don’t make a lot of money and that’s the problem. We’d rather be in AMD than the foundry company.”

Chevron: “Look, Chevron is a great American company. OK? And it yields almost 4 percent and you’re just going to hold onto it, alright? You’re just going to hold onto it because it’s a very well-run company. But it’s not going to run away. That’s the problem. May I suggest – those who are looking for a little more yield – you should go with BP.”

The Manitowoc Company: “I liked [CEO Barry Pennypacker], but the stock isn’t doing anything. I’m a little nervous about it. You need infrastructure. It’s kind of like U.S. Concrete – you need infrastructure. Until you get infrastructure spend, it won’t move.”

Camping World Holdings: “The stock was right around here when [CEO Marcus Lemonis] was on, and, you know, he’s got to come back. It hasn’t moved. It hasn’t moved. It’s not down a lot from when we saw him, but it has not come up and a lot of the stocks in that area have started to do better, so we need to have more intel.”

Weatherford: “No, no. Man, I’m having enough in the charitable trust with Schlumberger. The last thing you need is Weatherford. Hey, [CNBC contributor] Stephanie Link, she likes Transocean. This group is from hunger. OK? I can’t get anybody in these stocks. It’s from hunger.”

Uniti Group: “Very high-yielding real estate investment trust. So high-yielding that I have to throw the red flag.”

Kinder Morgan: “I liked Kinder for a long time. But you know what? They did a lot of things to the balance sheet that I didn’t like and the stock has really flatlined. And again, just like I said earlier about some of the drillers, you know what? The master-limited partnerships? They’re awful.”

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