I was wrong on Groupon, but not backing down


Groupon: “I’ve been wrong. I felt that it had bottomed and it was worth owning at $4 and change, and here it is at $3 and change. But I’m not backing away because it’s got a good balance sheet and it’s doing well.”

Wix.com: “I’ve been a backer of Wix. Use the product myself. Think it is excellent. Let’s not forget that Twilio also helps in the same way, but a little bit more in-depth.”

Las Vegas Sands Corp.: “I think that the Chinese would cut off their nose despite their face because I think that they feel like they’re playing the long game, [which] is what you keep hearing. That means that the short game is all over [for] Las Vegas Sands. I’m not recommending the stock.”

Paycom: “The stock is a little bit high, it’s elevated, but it’s one of those stocks that is anointed, is [how] I’d describe it. Let it come in a little before you buy any.”

Bojangles: “I totally understand why someone might think that [Bojangles is set up for a buyout or a sale], but the stock was up so much today that we can’t come on top of it. Because what’ll happen is I’ll recommend a stock and it’ll be up there on a takeover basis and on a fundamental basis it’ll end up hurting us. So I’m going to take a pass right here, but I understand the thesis.”

FedEx: “I think FedEx is terrific. I think that I’m not as worried about world trade as other people. They just don’t seem to be able to understand that FedEx is incredibly well-run, and I liked the last quarter despite the fact that others didn’t.”

Amicus Therapeutics: “It’s speculative Friday, and I’ve got to tell you, my take on that is that is one of the most speculative stocks in the book. I felt it was good, but the stock has been just a House of Pain of late. I can’t recommend it other than for speculation.”

Discovery: “This stock has been on fire ever since David Faber’s incredible piece about how interesting the stock is with David Zaslav, who is the CEO. Therefore, it’s so high, I cannot recommend it. However, I can tell you that I think that Disney is terrific.”

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