Porsche plays to its base as it preps for a major shift ahead 


The roar on the track is a siren call for Porsche owners and fans.

The German luxury auto brand is holding Rennsport Reunion VI at the famed Laguna Seca Raceway outside Monterey, California. The weekend gathering of Porsche owners and enthusiasts is a chance for the faithful to revel, and in some cases race, vintage Porsche models. Think of it as Woodstock for the Porsche faithful.

“It’s great!” said Melinda Palmer, as she and her husband parked their Porsche Boxster and prepared to enjoy a day at a Porsche-palooza. “Where do you find so many beautiful cars like this except at Rennsport.”

More than 60,000 people, many who own a Porsche, are expected to spend their weekend at Laguna Seca. Events like these may be even more important as the company continues to push the brand in new directions. While the big attraction are the races featuring amateur and professional drivers, the chance to check out scores of classic and rare Porsche models may be what many people love the most about the weekend.

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