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As the job market tightens, smaller businesses are being forced to simplify the hiring process to attract workers, Marty Mucci, the president and CEO of payroll and human resources outsourcing giant Paychex, told CNBC on Tuesday.

“We are definitely seeing smaller businesses, mid-sized businesses that are starting to even waive some of the drug-testing requirements because they are having so much difficulty getting certain employees,” Mucci told Cramer in an interview.

“You could have someone that becomes a little bit more lenient because it’s so tight out there to hire employees, that’s for sure,” said Mucci, whose company provides small and medium-sized businesses with various administrative solutions.

This trend ties in with the rising competition among employers to secure the best possible employees as more and more jobs open up with fewer people to fill them, the CEO said, agreeing with Cramer that it’s a good time to be an employee.

“What you’re seeing is [employees] have more choices, and that’s why, as an employer, you’ve really got to make sure your benefit package[s] are up very competitively and that you’re offering personal development and training to those employees to keep them,” the CEO said.

To watch Marty Mucci’s full interview, click here.

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