Don’t run from sliding medical device stocks


Edwards Lifesciences Corp.: “We could substitute Intuitive Surgical for this. I mean, it doesn’t matter. All of these high-growth device stocks that have been so hot are now cooling. That’s an opportunity — don’t run from; go toward.”

Vail Resorts Inc.: “The quarter wasn’t that bad. I mean, the stock has been straight down since they reported that quarter. I think you’re getting in at a decent level. This is a long-term, terrific experiential play.”

Mastercard Inc.: “Remember what just happened here. First of all, let’s not be too hard on ourselves. The stock’s up 37 percent. Second, there was a fintech program out of fintech and into the banks. This is just money sloshing around. I almost wanted to go to my charitable trust today and tell the club members, ‘We should be thinking about Mastercard.'”

Cyberark Software Ltd.: “I happen to like the cybersecurity stocks a lot. This one was down badly along with the whole cohort. I think you’re picking it up at a good level. Another two points down, I think you buy and you get pretty big.”

iRobot Corp.: “It caught a big downgrade today and I didn’t like the tone of the downgrade. I’ll be staying away from that one.”

Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corp.: “Man, this thing has fallen out of favor like you wouldn’t believe, which makes me think that people feel it’s a rate play. In other words, as rates go up, people buy fewer timeshares. I’m not going to disagree with that assessment. I do think the stock is oversold, but holy cow. If it’s a rate play and rates keep going higher, you’re not going to make any money here.”

TherapeuticsMD Inc.: “I’ve always liked this. This is a hormone replacement therapy for women. I’ve liked it for a long time. Candidly, it has done nothing. I continue to like it because I think it is a good spec.”

Dell Technologies Inc.: “I have to defer to my colleague David Faber, [who] did a very good report that included some very rosy projections of the stock price. It was not David’s, it was Wall Street’s. And I agree with him — if you could buy it 5 points down, I think [it] would be an exceptional buy.”

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