Inexpensive stocks aren’t necessarily buys


Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance Inc.: “I don’t know, I hate commercial real estate. I mean, honestly, I think that’s the next thing that’s going to roll over. That’s what this market is telling me. I mean, you can stay the course in it, but that’s where I think the real weakness is coming next after housing and after autos and after chemicals, after papers, after semis: commercial real estate.”

Six Flags Entertainment Corp.: “I was flummoxed about why they did so badly. It was really quite a surprise to me, so I cannot recommend the stock.”

Northrop Grumman Corp.: “This has been unbelievable to me. Until we get to the midterm elections, [the defense] stocks are in such a bear market it is shocking. They’ve all reported good numbers; nobody cares.”

Marathon Oil Corp.: “Unless it has got yield protection right now, the oil stocks are in bear market. I mean, I know I’m saying a lot of stuff’s in bear market, but that’s just obvious. But the oils are, definitely.”

Marvell Technology Group Ltd.: “If fundamentals matter, this is a buy, because that’s how well this company’s doing. But, like I said in a lot of other situations, fundamentals don’t matter right now. The stock’s going lower.”

Redfin Corp.: “That was the first stock to tell you that residential real estate was cratering. That was the one that sent me running for cover. So no way. No way, no how.”

TransCanada Corp.: “All the oil pipelines are in tremendous bear market mode. None of them is being saved by a high yield. I think that this represents tremendous value, TransCanada, but that does not mean it won’t go down. I am not against owning this stock, though, because it has got a valuable business and it’s got a coverage of that dividend.”

Entercom Communications Corp.: “I honestly thought that this company’s stock would bottom. Radio broadcasting, I felt, had more worth to it than it does seem to have and the stock cannot seem to find any sort of footing here at all. It is very inexpensive, but again, in the continuing theme of this lightning round, inexpensive does not equal a stock that can stop going down.”

Cheniere Energy Partners LP: “I think its prospects are bright. We’re going to be a big exporter of liquefied natural gas, it yields more than 7 percent and it can pay for that, so I think it’s OK. But remember, that easily could go to 8, 9 percent before it bottoms.”

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