Head for the door if you spot these red flags during a job interview

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Ever get an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach during a job interview? Ever see two interviewers swivel their heads toward one another, lock eyes and pause before answering your question?

If you’re the kind of person who wants to know the other side of the story, here’s a way to interpret some interview clues that could foretell a dismal future job experience.

For starters, check out the technology the company uses in recruiting.

“If you have to use Internet Explorer to review documents or sign documents and mail them back, that tells you something important about their attitude toward technology,” said Sahil Sahni, co-founder of AllyO, an AI-based recruiting software.

It also reveals how they feel about investing in new technology.

A company’s use of old tech can be a pain point once you’re actually working there, Sahni said.

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You may have to fill out formal requests for information or wait days for an answer to your questions. Whether it’s a payroll question about your remaining days off or your benefits, it’s a sign of a company that is not technologically innovative.

How a company recruits can be a tipoff.

Sahni recalls a colleague who turned down a job with a significant salary bump at a major tech firm.

The reason? He took a day off from work to fly from Texas to California. When he arrived, the HR contact sat him in a room so he could have three video conferences with people in the organization.

“They could so easily have let him stay home to do this, or they could have had him meet people in person,” Sahni said.

The point is, they did not use the available tech to its best advantage, which gave the candidate serious reservations.

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