AT&T’s stock is an opportunity here


AT&T Inc.: “I like it. I think it yields almost 7 percent, I think they’ve got the cash flow, I think it’s got the management and I think that the stock is an opportunity.”

UnitedHealth Group Inc.: “I think the stock is a buy. We bought it just the other day for [the charitable trust]. We told club members of, ‘What an opportunity.'”

Cabot Oil & Gas Corp.: “Much more natural gas than the others. Natural gas has collapsed in price, so I’m going to have to say hard pass. No thanks.”

Canopy Growth Corp.: “Let’s understand: there’s a lot of derision about me on Twitter, which I don’t mind one bit, but the problem is what I was saying was that the only one of the cannabis stocks that I think really has the war chest that can do well is Canopy because of their relationship with Constellation [Brands]. That did not say, ‘Go buy, buy, buy, buy Canopy,’ I’m just saying that’s the one. And if you want to have a well-capitalized play on cannabis, it’s going to be Canopy. There.”

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