Postmates CEO Bastian Lehmann interview with CNBC’s Jon Fortt


Sometimes Plan A doesn’t work out. You’ve got to be ready to improvise.

That’s one of the themes in Bastian Lehman’s story. He had a different career path in mind, but ended up settling for entrepreneurship. So far it’s going pretty well. He’s the cofounder and CEO of Postmates, a delivery startup that’s part of this race to remake the way we shop. He’s raised about a quarter billion dollars.

Postmates was originally supposed to be doing furniture delivery. That didn’t work out for some interesting reasons.

Jon Fortt sat down with Bastian Lehmann at the New York Stock Exchange, and got a fresh appreciation for why the ability to make smart adjustments is often better than being able to divine the future. During the conversation, insights come in a live chat with Mike Isaac of the New York Times and Courtney Reagan of CNBC.

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