Alex Jones, subscription Shuffles, and media’s wild summer


Free speech is getting exhausting. It’s a game of online publishing whack-a-mole. Alex Jones of Infowars fame finally got suspended from Twitter, only to direct his audience to Tumblr. How should those of us who still love America feel about the amount of crazy that’s going on in the media game these days?

MoviePass is testing its business model … on Solo. Borrowing a page from Darth Vader’s Cloud City book of negotiating tactics, movie theater subscription company MoviePass is altering the terms of your deal – pray they don’t alter it further.

And skinny bundles are the new skinny jeans. In further evidence of a trend I like to call “The Great Rebundling,” digital distributors and content companies are hooking up faster than you can say, “Ban Alex Jones.” The latest to swipe right on each other: Verizon doing a deal for free Apple Music and Samsung agreeing to pre-load Spotify on all its devices.

Joining Jon Fortt on the show to break down the headlines: Ed Lee of the New York Times, Dan McComas, former senior vice president of product at Reddit, Brent Lang, the senior film editor at Variety, and Cherie Hu, columnist at Billboard.

For the Fortt Knox one-on-one this week, Jon Fortt sits down with Dinesh Paliwal, CEO of Harman International, the high-end audio company Samsung bought for $8 billion last year. He’s talking straight about the future of music formats and the right way to play business hardball with China.

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