Huawei is facing trouble on a global scale


Huawei’s research and development company, Santa Clara, Calif.-based Futurewei Technologies, was blocked this week from shipping telecommunications equipment and software manufactured stateside. The Commerce Department called the equipment a security risk.

It’s part of a multi-pronged effort “to ratchet up the pressure on China,” said Tom Kellermann, chief cybersecurity officer of cybersecurity company Carbon Black and a former top cybersecurity official for The World Bank. “Their belief is that the entirety of the Huawei supply chain is compromised.”

Huawei has excelled in the production of telecommunications equipment, including equipment meant to provide 5G functionality. But pervasive intelligence concerns, which Huawei has long argued are politically motivated, has led to bans in several countries of Huawei’s telecom and 5G equipment, including the U.S., Japan, India and Australia.

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