Pete Buttigieg enlists Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton fundraisers for 2020 campaign


Unlike much of the Democratic primary field, Buttigieg has not fully distanced himself from big money donors.

His initial campaign pledge was to not accept corporate PAC money or contributions from the fossil fuel industry, but he did not say anything about getting help from corporate executives.

During the first quarter, he raised a surprising $7 million, putting him among the top tier of Democratic contenders. Some of that haul came from finance executives, including Stephen Schuler, a director at Chicago-based investment firm Wicklow Capital.

Buttigieg has also spoken in favor of American capitalism, but not without some criticism.

In a recent interview with CNBC, the openly gay mayor and military veteran, explained that capitalism is beneficial but only for those who can leverage it.

“American capitalism is one of the most productive forces ever known to man, and there’s so much that this country has been able to unlock, especially in the last century, in terms of technology, in terms of prosperity,” he said.

He went on to criticize policies that have hindered peoples ability to be successful in an American capitalistic society and has led to inequality.

“The economy is not some creature that just lumbers along on its own. It’s an interaction between private sector and public sector. And public sector policies, for basically as long as I’ve been alive, have been skewed in a direction that’s increasing inequality,” he said.

Here are the Democratic bundlers raising funds for Buttigieg:

Orin Kramer, New York

Margo Lion, New York

Bryan Rafanelli & Mark Walsh, Boston

Barry & Eleanor White, Boston

William & Amalia Mahoney, Chicago

John & Bonnie Atkinson, Chicago

David Friedman, Colorado

Eric Janssen & Marco Zerega, Chicago

David & Julie Jacobson, Chicago

Ursala Terrasi, Kansas City

Robert and Rebecca Pohlad, Minneapolis

Chris and Kacey Pohlad, Minneapolis

Joe and Sara Pohlad, Minneapolis

Jill Goldman, Los Angeles

Vicki Kennedy, Los Angeles

Laurie David, Los Angeles

Susie Tomkins-Buell, San Francisco

Christine Forrester, San Diego

John Phillips, Washington, D.C.

Steve Elmendorf, Washington, D.C.

William Eacho, Washington, D.C.

Tod Sedgwick, Washington D.C.

Bobby Mandell, Orlando

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