Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff developed this mindset to lead in crisis


Before building Salesforce into the multibillion-dollar cloud computing behemoth it is today, founder and CEO Marc Benioff experienced his share of ups and downs.

One of the most challenging among them came early on, when the company was just a couple of years old, he said during a recent interview for LinkedIn’s “Hello Monday” podcast.

But it also turned out to be one of his most formative, and can provide lessons for business leaders today, he said.

Weathering a crisis

At the time, it was the early 2000s. The economy was in recession and Salesforce, not yet then profitable, was “not stable,” the 56-year-old recalled.

Short of a chief financial officer and with little money available, Benioff and his co-founder, Parker Harris, were faced with a difficult decision: Let go of 20% of their workforce or risk losing the company.

Then with a team of 100, that meant saying goodbye to 20 people.

That’s business. You have to make tough decisions, you have to evolve, you have to change.

Marc Benioff

CEO and chairman, Salesforce

A lesson in leadership

Earlier this year, Salesforce’s revenue hit more than $17 billion, while Benioff’s net worth grew to an estimated $7.8 billion.

But the entrepreneur said that early experience has stayed with him and continues to guide his decisions today.

“There are moments for every company where you’re going to have to look at where you are, what’s working, what’s not working, you’re going to have to make adjustments, you’re going to have to change.”

That means adopting one of two mindsets, he said: A fixed mindset or a growth mindset.

You can have an expert’s mind, where you have few possibilities, or you can have a beginner’s mind, where you always have every possibility.

Marc Benioff

CEO and chairman, Salesforce

“Another way to say it is you can have an expert’s mind, where you have few possibilities, or you can have a beginner’s mind, where you always have every possibility,” he said.

“It’s critical for every entrepreneur, for every CEO, every business leader — really everyone — [to] maintain your beginner’s mind.”

To help with that, Benioff said he takes time to focus on mindfulness, which he does via meditation.

“I’m trying to let go of whatever it is so I can be in my present moment reality. That’s where I want to be, I want to be in the present moment and having a beginner’s mind,” he said.

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